Spreadsheets are arguably the most accessible method for calculations, reports, analysis data manipulation on computers and Excel is by far the most commonly used spreadsheeting solution.

This popularity is both a blessing and a curse; almost anyone with a PC begins spreadsheeting withouth realizing the risks.

I also intend this page to serve as an open record of quality content reqgaridng the “philosophy” of spreadsheeting that I’ve come across. I hope to spark a discussion about spreadsheets!


Spreadsheets need to be viewed in a different light. Dr. Felienne Hermans and her work with spreadsheets ought to be recommended reading for every spreadsheet enthusiast.

She founded EuSpRIG (European Spreadsheet Risk Interest Group - “yewsprig”), be sure to check out their website, complete with Horror Stories and Best Practices. PerfectXL, where she is a founder also has a handy outline of principles for better Excel usage.

Learning Sources

Microsoft MVPs

Microsoft MVP Office Apps category list a prime source of Excel experts sharing their expertise online. by Alan Murray does an excellent job inproviding excellent fresh content on the website, their YouTube channel and also organizes the London Excel Meetup group with online and in-person events.

Mark Robson talks about speed vs transparency in creating spreadsheets.



Excel is available online with a free web version as well as desktop versions for Windows and Mac. A subscription is the easiest way to get an always up do date version of Excel (as part of the Office bundle).

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a suprisingly good web based spreadsheet solution availble for free with a Google account.

Libre Office

LibreOffice is an open source office suite offering Calc as its spreadsheet solution.

Collabora Office and Collabora Online

Collabora allows you to fully replicate the Microsoft or Google ecosystem offerings with desktop and/or browser based editing of files.